Rich Little Poor Boy

Thanks for many kind responses to the Edge post. I’ll continue the Hole News and Facebook posts as long as my brain and fingers keep working.  Keeps me in touch.

Email is a more secure means of contact, allowing more extended exchanges: mattson dot You know what to do with mattson dot.

My sons will visit one by one with a minor gathering at home on the big day. We watch sadly as firstborn daughter drifts deeper into dementia.

How did my kids get so old? Elsie and I married young, ignorant, and poor. The war in Europe looked grim in 1942–I’ve told the story. Our plan didn’t work, but the Lord’s plan did. We remained cash poor all our 66 years, but we grew rich in family and experience and touched a few lives along the way. The fruit of those years continues to enrich me as friends who were kids when we met connect on Facebook.

The way was often hard; would I do it again? In a heartbeat. And now look at me! I live in a mansion with 62 bathrooms and have to clean only one.

Old Grandpa Lloyd