Waiting Music

My move to assisted living remains hurry up and wait. We’ve finished the hurry part, but you can’t hurry the govmnt.

Friday we visited Edgewood Vista again and liked what we saw. My room waits. The Woodland Garden apartment is Spartan now; boxes abound. The kitchen functions for breakfast and the girl in 313 fixes supper at her place with leftovers for next day’s lunch. We spend two delightful hours together.

Back home, my computer keeps me in touch with the world. So I wait, fully confident. The Lord will put me where I should be and right on time. However, nights remain my nemesis, as they have has since my six years of caring for invalid Elsie. I migrate from bed to lounge chair to the kitchen for a snack. TV is blah and I weary of reading, so I listen to my few CDs on the player by my lounge chair.

Anyone have a stack of CDs gathering dust? Maybe you could help this nighthawk geezer. Old gospel is my forte with a list toward country, like Gaither stuff. I’m at Woodland Garden Apartments, 127 E Calvary Road Apt 301, Duluth MN 55803.

Thanks in advance, and keep me in your heart.

Old Grandpa Lloyd