The Afterword: Journal of a Really Old Guy Part 1

The next phase of my long life is pending. The wheels of govmnt slowly grind on my move from Woodland Garden independent living to Edgewood Vista assisted living. I thought it might be interesting to journal the process.

I think of life as a book with a title, story, epilogue, and sometimes an afterword. Next comes About the Author. My life book begins it St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth, Minnesota, on August 29, 1923. Chapters tick off: childhood, youth, college/seminary, marriage, career. In the final chapter, I kiss Elsie one last time, her lips are still warm. Then I guide the gurney bearing her body to the cremation van, followed by family and friends singing Amazing Grace.

The van drives away taking something within me with it. Elsie and I had spent 66 years together. We produced five kids and shared many adventures. On the last Sunday of 2,002 Elsie suffered a crippling accident. A long, painful good bye followed: five years at home, 16 months in Chris Jensen Hospice. Through those years Isaiah sustained us. Each day I would say, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace” and Elsie would reply, “Whose mind is stayed on thee.”

I sort of wrote The End at Elsie’s memorial service. I had never given thought to life alone. I expected to coast to my memorial service—I was 86. I could never imagined what the next decade would bring. Read about it at, And She Wasn’t Laughing. I see those years as an Epilogue.

Now, at 96, the Afterword begins. Assisted living calls my name, taking me from beloved Woodland Garden to Edgewood Vista. How long? What adventures? If the Afterword affords but a smidgeon of the joy Epilogue provided, I’ll shout Victory in Jesus all the way to the grave.

The journal of a really old guy will continue.

Old Grandpa Lloyd