Afterword 2 Moving Time

Finally! I move to Edgewood Vista (EV) assisted living Nov. 8. We met Jim, 92, my next door companion, a Great Lakes big boat sailor. He hears poorly. Good! My midnight harmonica won’t bother him.

The resident handbook answers most of my questions. Looks like a fun place to live!

Norma Leskela remains my go-to in all matters. Feel free to call. Her phones: Landline: 218-464-5567; cell: 218-343-0189. I’ll send my number soon as I receive it. It will have call-back. I will forego a cell. My mail address: Edgewood Vista 419 2, 4195 Westberg Road, Hermantown MN 55811; 218-723-8905.

Heartfelt thanks to Dale for ferrying us here and there and tending to tasks in my apartment. Sally’s care grows increasingly demanding.


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