Afterword 3 Thirteen Days

Thirteen days to November 8, moving time. Today I ordered me a going-away gift. The Smithsonian Museum has published a replica of the historic Jefferson Bible. Jefferson said he considered himself a sect of one. Well, move over old buddy, so am I. Expect to hear more about the book and the sect.

The moving team is coming together, coordinated by Norma, the girl from 313. Tears still flow as I think about living so far from her. Is that normal for 96?

My sons are rallying as I face a hundred two bucks a month discretional spending. Living and health needs are fully covered; personal adventures, clothes, phone, equipment etc. are not. Norma will manage the bank account and meager cash reserve. Big-spender me will host meal guests at seven bucks a pop; twelve for holidays. Edgewood Vista will serve small groups in a private setting with advance notice. As Norma says, we’re incredibly wealthy, just a little cash poor.

The move will begin Friday morning at nine. Not much heavy stuff; lots of boxes. Wish to lend your back? I’m at 127 East Calvary Road in Woodland. We hope to be finished by noon.

Resident connections are already popping up. I expect my Afterword  to be fun.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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