Don’t Fence Me In

One week away from a new life adventure.  What will Edgewood Vista bring? Whatever it turns out to be, of this I am sure: it won’t come by accident.

Ninety-six years taught me that. Every major life change in my life flowed out of an unplanned event. A boy’s magazine; a phone call at the service station; a casual visit to a St. Paul boys’ club; a blind date gone wrong; a winter walk up Wabasha Avenue; coffee break at a church conference; a denomination exec nagged by a writing assignment; a 20-minute gap between phone calls. Finally, a foot-dragging apartment manager who brought me to this moment chuck full of good memories and eager to see what comes next.

Remember that happy old song, Don’t Fence Me In? I’ll get my harmonica. Sing along, and stop by my place now and then to learn what’s going on.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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